About Me

My shelves have always been lined with books about self-development, psychology and spirituality, and I've been fascinated with lucid dreaming ever since I had my first lucid dream as a child. However, despite spending countless hours practising lucid dreaming techniques, I found it difficult to have lucid dreams reliably. Nonetheless, the times when I did succeed in having lucid dreams were so exhilarating that they inspired me to keep trying. This instilled in me a life-long fascination with lucid dreaming...

Later in life and after doing research on the benefits of meditation for my Honours in Psychology, I signed up to do a PhD in psychology. Initially, I was going to do research on non-verbal communication. However, on the night before my PhD was due to begin, I had a spontaneous and very beautiful lucid dream! When I woke up, I was struck with inspiration – I thought to myself, I could do research on this! And maybe I could find ways for myself and others to learn lucid dreaming more easily. I decided to act upon this inspiration and change my PhD topic, which I talked about in my recent TEDx talk.


My amazing partner and eBook co-author Natasha Madden and I, backstage at TEDx HSG, Switzerland.

During my PhD I conducted several large studies on dreaming, including the National Australian Lucid Dream Induction Study (NALDIS), which is now the most in-depth study of its kind ever conducted (you can see more about my scientific work on my Research page). I also taught a variety of subjects to undergraduate psychology students as a tutor and as a lecturer, and I volunteered at Lifeline Australia as a Telephone Crisis Counsellor. After finishing my PhD I continued my research on lucid dreaming and completed additional qualifications in counselling.


I currently hold the title of Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide (click here for my staff profile page). I love to travel, I play electric guitar (click here for my Soundcloud if you'd like to have a listen), I meditate, and I love sharing and exploring ideas with people – especially ideas about psychology, philosophy and self-development. At the end of the day, I think it’s our approach to life that defines us more than the specific things we do. Above all, I strive to live a life filled with light, love and openness to experience, and to spread magic and inspiration where I can, because the best things in life are sweetest when shared.

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