My name is Dr. Denholm Aspy - I’m a scientist, an expert in the field of lucid dreaming, and a counsellor.


My International Lucid Dream Induction Study (ILDIS) and my National Australian Lucid Dream Induction Study (NALDIS) are currently the two largest studies on learning lucid dreaming to date.


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TEDx HSG, St Gallen, Switzerland.


Lucid Dreaming Video Course

Our dreams provide us with incredible opportunities for personal development and life-enriching new experiences that feel just as real as waking life. Most people waste these opportunities by wandering through their dreams unaware. However, in lucid dreams, you can overcome nightmares, find creative solutions to real-world problems, fulfil your wildest fantasies, and have virtually any experience you can imagine!

Take The Guesswork Out Of Learning Lucid Dreaming 


My Six Week video course follows a carefully crafted curriculum that takes the guesswork out of learning lucid dreaming. The curriculum is based on my in-depth knowledge of the scientific literature and my extensive one-on-one experience of teaching lucid dreaming to students all over the world. 


In this course, I share my best tips and tricks to help you learn lucid dreaming as quickly and effectively as possible. The course highlights the broader benefits of lucid dreaming techniques in your day-to-day life, and is designed so that by the end, you'll be able to review your results and create your own tailored lucid dreaming training program.

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Media Appearances

I've been interviewed more than 75 times on radio and have been featured in hundreds of newspaper and internet articles. You can click below for links to a selection of online articles about my work. For all media enquiries, please use the Contact page.